Saturday, 8 February 2014

Today the department called for a meeting to discuss the charter of demands. The following attended from FNPO side:

1. Sri D.Theagarajan
2. Sri T.N.Rahathe
3. Sri D.Kishan Rao
4. Sri P.U.Murlidharan
5. R.K.Tripathi
 The Department is not  ready to discuss part-I of the charter of demands. Staff side demanded to record our protest on the charter of demands relating to part-I. It was agreed by the official side that the Postal board will inform our displeasure to the Government.
 In  regard to Postal demands under part-II, 9 items were discussed in detail. The Department is not ready to consider Postal demands seriously. FNPO recorded a protest that the earlier agreements were also not honored fully. After the meeting, General secretaries discussed the developments and decided  to go on strike as per the schedule.
The Branch/Divisional Secretaries are requested  to go with strike programme seriously and make thundering success.

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