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IT Modernization project....Presentation made by Department of Posts on 30/11/2012 at New Delhi.

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On 29.11.2012  periodical Meeting  was held under the Chair of Secretary (P).
The following subjects were discussed during the meeting. 
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On 30.11.2012 Member(T) conducted a meeting on IT Modernization Project in Post offices. FNPO was represented by Secratary General & General Secrataries of FNPO affiliated unions. Details of the meeting and our veiws will be published in our sentinel. 
After the meeting president FNPO and SGFNPO met the follwing officers
a) Member(O)
b) Member(P)
c) CGM (MB)
d) DDG( Esttablishment)
e) Director ( Staff)
Outcome of the Meeting:-
1. Officers agreed to conduct the meeting with  RMS General Secrataries on AMPC issues
2.Irregular Postings made in LSG Cadre - Report will be called for from circles.
3.Norms for Post Man : Seperate meeting will be conducted under the CGM MB  with Secratray Generals of two federations & General Secrataries


Click here  to view O M No. 36035/6 /2012-Estt.(Res.), Dated 26th November, 2012 issued by Department of Personnel and Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions.


Click here to view O M No. 425/04/2012-AVD-IV(A), dated 29th November, 2012 issued by Department of Personnel & Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pension

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


We have been reporting the increase in IDA every three months, always before official announcement is made.
We have not been making predictions or assumptions.  Our reporting has always been based on standard calculation used for the purpose.  We feel that the members also should be aware of the calculation. Hence this article.
The IDA rate revision is based on All India Consumer Price Index.  After Second Pay Revision w.e.f. 1.1.2007, the base index has also been revised to 1.1.2007, which is 126.33 

For arriving at IDA increase we need to know the All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers [CPI(IW)] for the previous three months.  For IDA revision w.e.f. 1st July of a year, the CPI of March, April and May are required. For IDA revision w.e.f.1st October, CPI of June, July and August are required and so on.
The average CPI of the three months is then taken  for calculation and the following formula is used: 
New IDA rate = (Average CPI – Base Index) x 100 / Base Index
Increase in IDA rate = New IDA rate – Old IDA rate
CPI for    
June 2009 - 153
July 2009 - 160
August 2009 - 162 
Average: 158.33 
Calculation:     158.33 – 126.33 x 100 
                         --------------------------      =  25.3 
IDA rate w.e.f. 1.7.2009 was 18.5 
Therefore Increase in IDA rate w.e.f.1.10.2009 was = 25.3-18.5 = 6.8 
CPI for a month is notified on the last day of the next month in Labour Bureau Website at This information is also published in ‘The Hindu’ on the first day of every month in Business column.
That’s all. It is so simple. Now, any one can on his own calculate the IDA rate increase w.e.f. 1.4.2010, on 31st March 2010 itself.  Those who don’t want to take that little effort can login to and just fill in the CPI for February 2010 and get the magic figure of Increase in IDA rate w.e.f.1.4.2010.

All India Services (Medical Attendance) Amendment Rules, 2012.

view the notification dated 21st November, 2012 please Click Here.

LSG Promotion list

Sunday, 25 November 2012


Copy of Directorate’s Memo No. A-34020/11/2011-DE dated 15/2/2011 is reproduced below:

Subject : Discontinuation of conducting examination in APS Units/Centres.

          I am directed to say that system of all Departmental Examinations is being revised.

          In this connection, Competent Authority has decided that the following Examinations hitherto being conducted in the APS units are discontinued.

i)            Examination for promotion to Postman cadre;
ii)           Examination for promotion to PAs/SAs (LGO);
iii)          Examination for promotion to Inspector Posts;

Candidates working in APS who wish to attend the above mentioned Examinations will have to appear at the nearest possible Postal Centres.

Yours faithfully,
(L. Mohan Rao)
Assistant Director General (DE)

Friday, 23 November 2012


The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs today approved the proposal of Rs.4,909 crore towards IT modernisation project of the Department of Posts, covering 1.55 lakhs post offices.

The total expenditure for the project involving Rs.4,909 crore includes both implementation phase and operation and maintenance phase for the IT infrastructure of Post Offices. The IT project of the Department is a part of the Mission Mode Project (MMP) included in the National e-Governance Plan (NEGP).

The Department of Posts has a network of 1.55 Lakhs post offices spread across all the States and Union Territories of the country. The key objective of the India Post IT Modernisation project is modernization and computerization of all Post offices in the country including branch post offices in rural areas to create a urban-rural network spanning across the length and breadth of the country.

The IT modernisation project is expected to give following benefits to the citizens of the country:

•           Improve customer satisfaction due to faster and more reliable delivery of services
•           Enhance visibility and transparency
•           Provide access by multiple channels to the customers e.g. post office counters, kiosks, internet, mobiles ATMs etc;
•           Ensure delivery of "citizen centric services"

The IT modernisation project will provide a national asset and infrastructure for all users apart from the post offices including various government departments, business houses and the citizens to use the services effectively for their communication, banking, insurance and service delivery needs. The project will improve the delivery of mails, banking and insurance services rendered by the Post offices across the length and breadth of the country.

For the purpose of implementation, the IT modernisation project has been structured into 8 segments catering to IT infrastructure such as datacentre, network, computers and peripherals, software applications which will cover all the product and services of the Department of Posts, and change management which will help in effective transformation into IT mode. The project will be implemented in all the 1.55 lakh post offices in a phased manner over a time period of 2 years, to be followed by the O&M phase over the period of contract.

The project will be rolled out to all the post offices covering all States and Union Territories in the country a phased manner.
The proposal of the Department of Posts is in continuation of the proposal which was approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) on 26th Aug 2010. The overall project has been segregated into eight RFPs, of which, selection of vendors have been finalized in case of 5 RFPs and LOIs have been issued. Of these 5 RFPs, in four cases the contracts have been signed with the selected bidders. In respect of two RFPs the financial bids have been opened and selection of the bidder is under process.



On 22/11/2012, SG FNPO Met the following  officers.
Member (Tech) and CGM (MB)

Latest developments.

Cadre Restructuring: Meeting will be held shortly.
Gds issues: No improvement.
LGO Result: Result will be declared 1stweek of December 2012.
Periodical meeting : Will be held on  29/11/2012

Disciplinary Proceedings Against Appointment on Fake Caste Certificates

Appointment on Fake Caste Certificates 

Information about appointments secured on the basis of fake/false caste certificates is not centrally maintained. 

However, the Central Government had taken one time exercise to collect information about appointments secured on the basis of fake/false caste certificates in the year 2010. As per information received from various Ministries/Departments etc., 1832 appointments were allegedly secured on the basis of fake/false caste certificates. Disciplinary proceedings had been instituted in all the cases. It was reported that out of the above 1832 cases, 276 had been resulted in suspension/removal etc., whereas 521 cases were entangled into litigations and in remaining 1035 cases disciplinary proceedings were pending. 

The Government instructions provide that an appointing authority should verify the caste status of SC/ST/OBC candidates at the time of initial appointment as well as every important upturn of the employee’s career. 

Chief Secretaries of States/Union Territories have been requested to issue instructions to the District Magistrates/District Collectors/Deputy Commissioners of the Districts to the effect that when asked to verify the veracity etc. of caste certificates, they should ensure at their own level that veracity of the caste/community certificate referred to the district authorities is verified and reported to the appointing authority within one month of receipt of request from such authority. In order to rule out collusion between candidates holding false/forged certificate and employees at the district level or sub-district level, disciplinary proceedings may be initiated against officers who default in timely verification of caste status in such cases or issue false certificates. 

This was stated by Shri V. Narayanasamy, Minister of State in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension and Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office in written reply to a question by Shri Aayanur Manjunatha in the Rajya Sabha today. 

Monday, 19 November 2012



Phone 9868250103               
(Central Head Quarters)
Flat No 10-D, DAO Flats, New Mahavirnagar, Vikas Puri, New Delhi-110 018
 E Mail: nape_groupc@live.                                                                                                                                 
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________No.11-1/AIC                                                                                                                                                     Date: 15-11-2012
             It is hereby notified that the 20th All India conference of the National Association of Postal Employees, Group-C will be held from 10th to 12th January, 2013 at Nagarjuna University Campus, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.
It is further notified that no fresh notice will be issued if the date(s) and/or venue of the AIC are changed; but only intimation thereof will be sent.
  The following shall be the Agenda for the All India Conference.
1. Adoption of the report on the Activities of the Union for the period from January 2011 to   December 2012.
2. Adoption of the Audited Accounts of the CHQ for the period from 01.04.2010 to 31.03.2011 & 01.04.2011 
       to 31.03.2012.
3. Organization and Management.
   (a) Organizational Review
   (b) Financial Review.
   (c) Postal Sentinel.
4.  Deferred indefinite Strike from 17-1-2012 and progress of Demands thereafter.
5. National Anomalies committee-MACP Anomalies.
6. Cadre Restructuring.
7. Sectional Problems.
    (i) Postmaster Cadre-HSG I Recruitment Rules.
    (ii) System Assistants & Marketing Executives.
   (iii) APM (Accounts) & Accountants.
  (IV)FPO, PSD, CSD and P&T Dispensaries.

8. New Developments in the Department of Posts.
  (i) National postal Policy.
  (ii) Core banking-Post Bank of India
  (III) Project Arrow (iv) Technological Developments.   (v) BD Activities
9. Postal Problems
   (a)  Shortage of Staff, outsourcing & OTA.
   (b)   Contributory Negligence & Victimization.
10. Recognition Rules [CCS (RSA)].
11. Amendments to the constitution.
12. Policy & Programme.
13. Resolutions
14. Election of Office bearers for the next two years.
15. Adoption of Budget Estimates for the next two years.
16. Venue of the next AIC.

             (D.KISHAN RAO)                                                                                                                                                      
           GENERAL SECRETARY                                                                                                                                                
Copy to:
1.The Secretary, Department of Posts, New Delhi-110001 with a request to circulate to all CPMsG for        
     Necessary action.
2. All Divisional/ Branch Secretaries/Circle Secretaries/CWC office-bearers.
                       (D.KISHAN RAO)                                                                                                                                            
                    GENERAL SECRETARY         


                       ONWARD TO GUNTUR
  Guntur Nagarjuna University entices you. Representative Delegates and the Active corps of the Postal national union movement will converge at Nagarjuna university premises in the month of January 2013 in a mammoth gathering to review the activities of the union in the last two years, analyse the present situation, take a peep in to the future and resolve upon the further steps to be taken to realize our objectives in the 20th All India conference of National Association of Postal Employees Group C Scheduled to be held from 10th to 12th January 2013. We shall be conferring when the USO is under threat, Euro is melting down and this has affected the world economy.Many European countries are facing poverty. As a result, the Indian economy was shaking ever before involving unbelievable price rise. The whole workers community in India is under threat. Indian Government is decided to invite FDI in retail markets whereas demonstrations are organized in Wall Street by the job seekers and middle class.
  The Ministry of communications, India has formulated National Postal Policy 2012 with ultimate aim of making the postal Department as a Public sector Unit. New developments rapidly taking place in the Department. Project Arrow was introduced and core banking is introduced as a first step, the Department is introducing anywhere/anytime/any branch banking through core banking solution. Business Development plans are expanding. The department signed agreements with Accenture Services for modernization of Postal functions. In order to grow organizationally the Department is mooting towards setting up of Post bank of India.
  The much awaited Postal Bill amending the Indian post office Act is yet to be tabled in the Parliament. But the new postal Policy is announced without the amended postal Bill. The staff is suffocated with the changes in the system. The job mobility, change in the atmosphere around us is a matter of concern. The defective HRD solutions and inadequate training, non availability of adequate infrastructure, resultant victimization of the staff is resulted in frustration. Management is not providing solutions and the old attitude of master servant relation instead of leadership role is creating uproar at the field level. The unilateral recovery from the lower level staff for the failures of the system is creating a sense of insecurity. The anomalies in implementation of MACP and denial of promotion to the staff, inordinate delay in restructuring of cadres is the concern of Group C employees. These are only illustrative not exhaustive. We have to, discuss, deliberate and decide future course of action and formulate demands.
Trek to Guntur in large numbers. We are looking forward to a return with hands laden with destiny.
             Letlet us make the 20th AIC a historic one, and, again, on to Guntur


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Frequently asked questions and answers on LTC matters-DOPT

Establishment division(A-IV) of Department of Personnel & Training has published an   another useful ‘Frequently Asked Questions and Answers’ regarding the Leave Travel Concession (LTC) for Central Government employees. s
How are the claims of LTC be adjusted in case of delayed submission?

Where advance has been drawn, the claim for reimbursement shall be submitted within one month of the completion of the return journey.

Where no advance has been drawn, the expenditure incurred shall be submitted within three months of the completion of the return journey.

Administrative Ministry/Department concerned can admit the claims in relaxation of the provisions subject to the following time limits without reference to DoPT:

(a) Where no advance is taken, LTC Bill submitted within a period not exceeding six months; and

(b) Where advance has been drawn, claim for reimbursement submitted within a period of three months after the completion of return journey (provided the Govt. servant refunds the entire advance within 45 days after the completion of the return journey. Rule 14 of CCS(LTC) Rules,1988 read with -

O.M. No. 31011/5/2007-Estt.A dated 27th September, 2007 
Can a Govt. servant visit NER or N&K on more than one occasion on conversion of Hometown under the relaxation allowed for LTC visits to NER/J&K?

Govt. servant who has availed the benefit of Home Town conversion to NER/J&K in one block (say 2006-2009) can again visit NER/J&K in the new/next block (say 2010- 2013) subject to availability of LTC in a allowed particular block so long as the relaxation is in force.

1. O.M No. 31011/4/2007-Estt.(A) dated 02.05.2008 

2. O.M No. 31011/4/2007-EStt.(A) date 23.04. 2010 

3. O.M No. 31011/2/2003-EStt.(A) dated 18.06.2010
3 .
Can a Govt. employee avail of air travel to NER/J&K in case of All India LTC if his Home town and the Headquarters are at the same place?

Both NER and J&K scheme of LTC allow relaxation for air travel on All India LTC to all categories of employees to the extent specified in the DOP&T’s O.M 31011/4/2007- Estt.(A) dated 02.05.2008 and DOP&T’s O.M 31011/2/2003-Estt.(A) dated 18.06.2010 even if the Hometown and the Headquarters are same. 

Whether Govt. servant who has already availed one Home Town LTC in the current block can avail LTC to visit NER? 
Yes, he can avail it against All India LTC.
Can a Govt. servant avail the benefit of visiting NER/J&K twice in a particular block of 4 years?

Yes, a Govt. servant can visit NER/J&K by conversion of his Home Town LTC and also by availing All India LTC subject to validity period of the scheme and fulfilling of other conditions.
Can a fresh recruit avail the benefit of Home Town conversion to NER/J&K?

A fresh recruit Govt. servant can also avail benefit of Home Town conversion to NER/J&K against one of the three occasions of Home Town available to him in each block. 
Can fresh recruit avail of conversion of Home Town to visit NER/J&K under the relaxation allowed for visiting NER/J&K?

Any Govt. employee can avail of the relaxation for visiting NER/J&K and convert one Home Town LTC for such visit in a block of 4 years as long as the relaxations continue.

1. O.M No. 31011/4/2007-EStt.(A) dated 02.05.2008 

2. O.M No. 31011/2/2003-EStt.(A) dated 18.06.2010

Can a fresh recruit Govt. servant avail of All India LTC anytime during the 4 year block? 

It can be availed only the block and not at random.
Whether Carry over of LTC is allowed to fresh recruits?

Carry over of LTC is not allowed to fresh recruits as they are eligible for every year LTC for the first 8 years of service. 
Who is a fresh recruit entitled for LTC every year?

A person who has joined service for the first time is treated as a fresh recruit for the first eight years.

O.M. No. 31011/4/2008-Estt.(A) dated 23.09.2008. 
How the LTC entitlements of fresh recruits are regulated in the first eight years?

On completion of one year, the Fresh recruit can be allowed 3 Home Town LTC and 1 All India LTC in each block of Four years in the first 8 years.

O.M. No. 31011/4/2008-Estt.(A) dated 23.09.2008. 

Whether Dependent parents of fresh recruits can avail LTC for the journey from Home Town to Headquarters and back? 
No, the dependent parents of fresh recruits can not avail LTC for the journey from Home Town to Headquarters and back.
Whether claims for reimbursement can be allowed for road journeys by bus/taxi or other vehicle operated by private operators?

LTC Rules do not permit reimbursement for journey by a private car (owned/borrowed/hired) or a bus/van or other vehicle owned by private operators. LTC facility shall be admissible only in respect of journeys performed in vehicles operated by Govt. or any Corporation in the Public sector run by the Central or State Govt. or a local body. Rule 12(2) of CCS(LTC) Rules,1988 read with-

DoPT’s O.M. NO. 31011/4/2008-Estt.A dated 23 September, 2008 

Whether airfare of children whose full fare is charged by the airlines is reimbursed? 
If full fare has been charged by the airlines and paid by the Government servant, the same will be reimbursed.

Can a Govt. servant use the service of travel agents for LTC purpose? 
Yes, but it should be limited to M/s Balmer Lawrie and Company and M/s. Ashok Travels and Tours.
What is the definition of family for LTC?

For LTC purpose, family consists of

(i) Spouse of the Govt. servant and two surviving unmarried children or Step children.

(ii) Married daughters, who have been divorced, abandoned or separated from their husbands and widowed daughters residing with and wholly dependent on the Govt. servant.

(iii) Parents and/or step parents residing with and wholly dependent on the Govt. servant.

(iv) Unmarried minor brothers as well as unmarried, divorced, abandoned, separated from their husbands and widowed sisters residing with and wholly dependent on the Govt. servant provided their parents are either not alive and are themselves wholly dependent on the Govt. servant.

Rule 4 of CCS(LTC) Rules,1988 read with

O.M. No. 31011/4/2008- Estt.(A) dated 23.09. 2008. 
What are the dependency criteria?

A member of family whose income from all sources, including pension, temporary increase in pension does not exceed Rs.3500 from 01.09.2008 and Dearness relief thereon is deemed to be wholly dependent on the Government servant. 
Can parents/children residing at other places avail LTC to visit the Govt. servant at Headquarters and go back?

No, reimbursement of LTC claims being restricted to the entitlement for journey between Headquarters and place of visit, the , amount reimbursable in such cases is nil.

O.M. No. 31011/14/86-Estt.(A) dated 07.05.1987 

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Sad Demise of PTC Instructor

On behalf of Karnataka circle NAPE Group 'C' expresses its condolence for the sad demise of Gautam Roy and Family.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Wish You A Very Very Happy Deepavali To All

Scholarship / Merit Scholarship to SC / ST / OBC / Min.  Students studying in classes I-XII for the year 2012-13

1)Clarifications regarding the action to be taken to fill up the vacancies of MTS, Postmen,Mailgurd.
2)Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) says the employee should be reinstated as the disability occurred  during the course of employment
4)Central Government Residential Colonies – Nomination of Area Welfare Officers for the calendar years 2013 and 2014  
5)Transfer Lower post under FR 15(a) : DoPT Order lo

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