Thursday, 21 December 2017

FNPO Delegation met Hon'ble Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Minister of Chemicals&Fertilisers Sri.Ananth Kumar.

Today FNPO Delegation met Hon'ble Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Minister of Chemicals&Fertilisers Sri.Ananth Kumar and submitted a Memorandum in his office at Parliament House and discussed regarding implementation of GDS Pay Committee Report and Hon'ble Minister assured he will take up the matter with Minister of Communications&IT Sri.Manoj Sinha and see that matter will be setteled with in a span of few weeks.

D.Kishan Rao

FNPO Delegation met Central Ministers for pursual of early implementation of GDS Pay Committee Report.

Today Sri.B.Shiva Kumar Asst.G/S , Sri.Sivaji Vasireddy Asst.G/S , Sri.CH.Laxmi Narayana President NUGDS , Sri.L.Krishna Prasad RR NAPE Gr-C AP Circle ,Sri.V.Manjappa D/S NAPE Gr-C Shimoga met Hon'ble Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Minister of Chemicals&Fertilisers Sri.Anantha Kumar and Hon'ble Minister of Road Transport & Highways Sri.Nitin Gadkari at their Parliament Offices and requested for early implementation of GDS Pay Committee Report.

NAPE G/S & AGSs visit to Directorate

Today (20-12-2017)NAPE G/S Sri.D.Kishan Rao , Asst.GSs Sri.B.Shiva Kumar , Sri.Sivaji Vasireddy met DDG (Establishment),DDG PCC&GDS and ADG(Technology) and  discussed about problems faced by the employees in CSI implementation,One Time Relaxation of service conditions for HSG I & HSG II in the light of proposed Cadre Restructuring , Compassionate engagement for GDS who discharged on medical invalidation, Consideration of previous rejected cases of GDS Compassionate engagements and submitted letters in this regard.

Letter to Secretary demanding for one time relaxation of service condition for HSG II and HSG I promotion after implementation of Cadre Restructuring

No:4-5                                                                                            Dated 19.12.2017

Shri. A.Nanda
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi – 110001

Sub:-  Issues arising out of implementation of Cadre Restructuring orders of Postal Group ‘C’ employees – Request immediate intervention and negotiated settlement.
Ref:    1.Memo No. 25-04/2012-PE-I (Pt.) dated 27.05.2016 of Department of Posts regarding Cadre Restructuring of Postal Group ‘C’.
          2.Memo No.25-4/2012-PE-I(Vol.II) dated 10.11.2017.
Your kind attention is invited to the above mentioned orders of the Directorate instructing the Circle heads to implement the Cadre Restructuring proposal of Postal Group ‘c’ approved by the Directorate.
As per the Cadre Restructuring agreement signed by the staff side and Administration all HSG-I officials having two years service in the HSG-I cadre shall be promoted to the next grade pay of 4800. But as per the Cadre Restructuring proposal approved by the Department, only limited number of HSG-I posts are identified as Non-Functional HSG-I posts with 4800 GP. This is against the spirit of the agreement. This should be reviewed and all HSG-I officials with two years service should be granted the next Grade Pay of 4800.
1.    Taking into consideration the fact that large number of HSG-II and HSG-I posts will be created by up gradation and also that sufficient hands fulfilling the minimum qualifying service for promotion to HSG-II and HSG-I will not be available as a result of which large number of supervisory posts in HSG-II and HSG-I will remain vacant for years together, it is most imperative, essential and unavoidable that the minimum qualifying service for promotion to HSG-II and HSG-I should be dispensed with as a one-time measure. Such a relaxation was granted earlier for filling up of vacant HSG-I posts earlier. All senior official eligible for promotion to HSG-II and HSG-I shall be given notional promotion without joining the promoted posts by conducting DPC in a chain-manner. Such notional promotion was granted from 1983 for LSG and from 1991 for HSG-II, as the TBOP/BCR promotion treated as LSG/HSG-II till 2002 was termed as financial up gradation with retrospective effect. By granting notional promotion to HSG-II and HSG-I in a chain-manner will minimize the mass scale transfer and dislocation of HSG-II and HSG-I officials. Relaxation for dispensing with minimum qualifying service as a one-time measure shall be obtained from nodal ministry.
2.    DPC for promotion to NF HSG-I, HSG-I, HSG-II and LSG should be held in a descending order from Non-functional HSG-I to LSG and not in an ascending order from LSG to NF HSG-I. If for any higher post qualified hands are not available then the DPC for next below post should be held and qualified hands from that list, may be promoted to the higher cadre. By following this method dislocation of senior officials from one division to another can be minimized, as they can get promotion to the higher post in their division by virtue of their seniority.

3.    While dispensing with the minimum service for HSG-II and HSG-I as one time measure to facilitate filling up of all vacant posts in HSG-I and HSG-II, the Recruitment Rules may also be amended so that for future promotions to HSG-II and HSG-I, the minimum service condition will be fixed as three years instead of six years and five years now. This will facilitate filling up of posts without any delay in future.

4.    Clear orders should be issued for drawl of officiating pay to officials working in LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I posts on short term and long term ad-hoc/officiating arrangements.

5.    While effecting promotion to LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I and NF HSG-I the “Very Good” condition for bench mark should not be applied as it is applicable to MACP promotions only, that too without any retrospective effect. “Very Good” factor should not come into the picture for promotion to regular LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I and NF HSG-I. Further the promotion to LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I are on “Selection cum seniority” basis and not on pure “Selection” method.

6.    Further there is possibility of certain officials declining promotion due to transfer/dislocation or due to health problems or due to no financial benefit on promotion. Declining promotion in all such cases should be permitted and the officials should not be compelled to accept promotion by force on flimsy technical grounds as enough eligible candidates will become available for promotion, once the minimum service condition is relaxed.

7. After implementation of Cadre Restructuring, some of the senior officials promoted have been declining, as there is no financial benefit, further posted outside the station or to other divisions, the officials are incurring financial losses.  To avoid such anomaly, It is therefore requested to kindly cause to issue orders contained in Dept. of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance OMs 10/02/2011-E.III/A dated 07.01.2013 and OM No 169/2/2000-IC 24.11.2000 in its true spirit and allow fixation of pay on promotion on or after 24.11.2000 to all the officials promoted  to the cadre of LSG/HSG-II/HSG-I from the respective feeder cadre, whether they are promoted by selection through DPC or by passing a competitive departmental examination, by extending the benefit of fixation of pay under FR22(1)(A)(i) as the promotional posts carry higher responsibility having the same grade pay.

We hope that the Hon’ble Secretary, Department of posts will understand the genuine difficulties of the officials who are to be promoted under Cadre Review and extend a positive and helping hand to ameliorate their grievances on sympathetic and humanitarian consideration.

Awaiting favorable action,

   Yours faithfully

                                                                                                             (D Kishan Rao)

                                                                                                                 General Secretary

Letter to Secretary on CSI problems

No:NAPE/Gr-c/CSI issues/2017                                                                                                                   Dated 19.12.2017
Shri. A.Nanda
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001
Sub:-   CSI problems -reg.
My union wish to bring the following problems related to CSI to the notice of Secretary, Department of Posts for immediate intervention and for favorable consideration.
Network Issues:
Consequent on implementation CSI, the network access is fallen down to 50% due to parallel access of CSI and CBS.  Network related issues have been arising frequently As the band width of C class office is very low the staff at C class office are facing much inconvenience during important hours between 10am to 4pm.
Equipment related issues: In many offices the UPS and Generator have not been functioning. Annual Maintenance of Electronic equipment like UPS, Generators, Systems, Printers have not been solved at Divisional. Divisional level authorities are tossing the issues to RO Level and ROs tossing the issues to Circle Level. The AMCs of Computer Related equipments are not being renewed in time.
Pass Book Printers : The Directorate has been compelling for use of Pass Book Printers and to avoid manual entries in Pass Books like in banks. But in banks there are separate outsourced counters for updating of Pass Books. The transaction mechanism in Post Office is traditional one unlike banks. It is hard nut to crack to print100% transactions through Pass Book printers, particularly in respect of RD accounts opened thru MPKBY. Passbook printers supplied are not in working condition in many offices.

CSI Related issues: Due to CSI roll out, before Rural ICT, the staff are facing immense pressure for completion of daily work. They have been spending much time beyond working hours for routine work. Thousands of multiple denomination accounts have been opened since 5 years at each BOs. Feeding of concerned vouchers in CBS and for completion of related works in CSI at SO staff have been facing over work load.
In C class SO’s where CSI is rolled out without RICT the SPM has to perform the work of all the BO’s and it is impossible for him to complete the work due to had connectivity. The divisional heads compelling them for opening of New Accounts  and new PLI/RPLI business. The after sale services like maturity sanctions, PLI/RPLI closures came to a standstill. For a single transaction the SPM has to struggle with two passwords and various modules which is time consuming.
We have already requested providing another hand or merger of C class offices. The use of two passwords is most undesirable. Quick decision has to be taken on this aspect instead of a postmortem at a later date.
It has been requested for implementation of CSI Roll out only after Rural ICT rollout with the Circles. But the circles have been bulldozing CSI roll out without Rural ICT without asseing the practical difficulties. Many issued have been encountered due to this, at Branch Offices and Sub offices for smooth completion of accounting. Regarding CSI user friendly interface, the POS and DPMS are moderately User friendly. But the F&A module is not user friendly and staff are feeling much hardship for working in F&A modules.
Rural ICT: Even in the division rolled out for RICT the work related to CBS or SB is only being done at BO level. Other works like MOs, Register Post, Speed Post are not implemented in many divisions
Aadhar Seeding and Mobile Linking : Orders have been issued for completion of Aadhar Seeding and Mobile linking to all accounts by giving target dates. But the process of Aadhar Linking and Mobile linking is a continuous process, the process is continuing in Banks still, though the Banks have been using online packages and KYC based transactions since decades. In DOP the online banking system is just introduced since 2015 and many of the accounts without KYCs are migrated to CBS out of which many of the accounts are not operational.
We hope that the Hon’ble Secretary, Department of posts will take necessary steps for solving the above problems
      Yours faithfully

                                                                                                                            (D Kishan Rao)

                                                                                                                                   General Secretary

General Secretary meeting with Secretary, Department of Posts & Chairman Postal Services Board

Today (18-12-2017) the General Secretary NAPE Group-c along with GS, AIPEU, Group-c met Secretary, Department of Posts and continued for more than half hour and discussed the following.

1. Early implementation of GDS committee report : It is under active process and try to issue orders in January 2018 after approval from Central Cabinet.

2. IPPB: While thanking for issue of notification for deputation of officials including GDS, we requested more participation of GDS in the scheme.

3. CSI issues: We demanded supply of RICT devices to BO's and implementation of CSI afterwards providing hand to C class offices, password problem and abnormal workload for C class SPM's.

4. Immediate notification of Departmental Council - Separate meeting on IPPB.

5. Implementation of Appex court judgments on MACP issues.

6. Payment of dress allowance of Rs.10000/- instead Rs.5000/- to the staff who are eligible  as the order is ambiguity.

    The Secretary wanted some more time for stabilization of CSI roll out and requested for cooperation of Group-c. Roll out problems are vigorously perused with TCS. Aggregation of ports for better connectivity is under process for more connectivity.

With regards,

General Secretary,
NAPE Group-c