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India Post Payment Bank (IPPB) - An overview

Changes in the Finacle EOD execution procedure

Infosys has made changes in the EOD execution procedure. The major changes done by infosys to address EOD issues ar as follows:

1. SOLs should only run HISCOD menu ( new menu available for PO user - SU, SA, PM )

2. HSCOD, HSOLCOP and HSCOLD to be executed by CPCs in circle sets

Centralized EOD Execution:

SOL EOD execution comprises of executing HSCOD, HSOLCOP & HSCOLD menu. Please find the current DOP executing procedure and the centralized EOD execution procedure to be followed,

DOP is following current EOD execution procedure, 

Execution of EOD 1st Menu
Branch User will be executing after clearing the blocking validation
Execution of EOD 2nd Menu
Circle SPOCs will be executing for their SETs with optimal parallelization as 20 once HSCOD is completed for their SETs
Execution of EOD 3rd Menu
Circle SPOCs will be executing for their SETs with optimal parallelization as 20 once HSOLCOP is completed for their SETs

This has to be changed to Centralized EOD execution procedure,

Submission of Pre EOD Menu
Branch User will be submitting after clearing the blocking validation
Execution of EOD 1st Menu

CPC User will be executing with optimal parallelization as 20 once HISCOD is submitted for their SETs
Execution of EOD 2nd Menu
Circle SPOCs will be executing for their SETs with optimal parallelization as 20 once HSCOD is completed for their SETs
Execution of EOD 3rd Menu
Circle SPOCs will be executing for their SETs with optimal parallelization as 20 once HSOLCOP is completed for their SETs

During EOD execution, the overall EOD progress for the Circle to be monitored & co-ordinated by CPC team centrally.

Submission of Pre EOD Menu by Branch User:

Please find the procedure to be followed by Branch user for Submitting Pre EOD menu,

Invoke HISCOD (Initiate SOL Change Operation Date) menu

Provide the SOL ID under the field “SOL SET ID”,Hours as 0 & Minutes as 1


 SOL Level Date Change Execution by CPC:

Please find the procedure to be followed by CPC user for SOL Date Change Execution,

Invoke HSCOD (SOL Change Operation Date) menu

Provide the Circle SET ID under field “SOL SET ID”

Provide Optimal Parallelization under field “No. of Parallel SOLs”


CPC user can inquire lists of SOLs where HISCOD submitted for their Set through HSSI menu.
CPC user can inquire the HSCOD running status for their Set through HSSI menu.
The EOD Status of particular SET or for all SOLs can be monitored through HSSI menu.
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Service Records of Central Government employees to be examined annually

Service Book is a record of every event occurring in the official life of a government servant. It has to be maintained for every government servant holding a permanent or a temporary post except for those who are not likely to be in service for more than one year or those holding non pensionable service.”

The nodal department of Central Government, Dopt has issued orders to all the departments to examine the employee’s service records each year in order to avoid delays in sanctioning the pensions on 30th September 2015.

More than 50 lakhs employees work in various departments of the Central Government. Pensions are delayed at the time of their retirement, due to administrative blunders and mix-ups. In order to avoid this, Service Book will be updated each year.

The main intention of the order is eliminating delays in processing of cases of retiring Government Servants. Rules and instructions of this department are reiterated time to time. The department of pensions and pensioners welfare have also suggested that the administrative authorities, to preclude and to cut down on delays in payment of retrial benefits to Government servants retiring of superannuation.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Productivity Linked Bonus for 2014-15 - Dept. of Posts issued order

Productivity Linked Bonus for Railway Employee ( 78 Days )

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has approved the Production Linked Bonus for Railway Employees. 

As a result of the review of the scheme and approval of the Cabinet the salient features of the PLB scheme are as under: - 

a) The output for a year is reckoned by the equated net tonne kilometres by adding together:- 

i) total goods revenue net tonne kilometres. 

ii) non-suburban passenger kilometres converted by a factor of 0.076. 

iii) suburban passenger kilometres converted by a factor of 0.053. 

b) The input is taken as the non-gazetted staff strength (excluding RPF/RPSF personnel), increased by the incremental increase/decrease in capital (over average of last three years) during the year. Incremental capital is confined to Rolling Stock utilised for movement of trains. The relative weights given are 0.50 for Tractive Effort, 0.20 for Wagon Capacity and 0.30 for Seating Capacity. The labour input i.e. non-gazetted staff strength is then increased to the extent of the percentage increase in the incremental capital. 

Highest PLB amount of 78 days' wages was paid for the financial years 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14. This year also PLB equivalent to 78 days' wages will be paid considering the good financial performance which is expected to motivate employees for working towards improving the same in future. 

The financial implication of payment of 78 days' PLB to railway employees has been estimated to be Rs. 1030.02 crore. The wage calculation ceiling prescribed for payment of PLB to the eligible non-gazetted railway employees is 3500/- p.m. The maximum amount payable per eligible railway employee is Rs. 8975 for 78 days. 

About 12.58 lakh non-gazetted Railway employees are likely to benefit from the decision. 

The Productivity Linked Bonus on Railway covers all non-gazetted railway employees (excluding RPF/RPSF personnel) who are spread over the entire country. 


The Union Cabinet in its meeting held on October 2015 accepted the proposal of the Ministry of Railways for payment of Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) equivalent to 78 days' wages for the financial year 2014-2015 for all eligible non-gazetted Railway employees (excluding RPF/RPSF personnel). 


Source : PIB (Release ID :128504)

1) World Post Day.

2)Meeting of the National Council (JCM) Staff side under the Joint Chairmanship of JS(AV), DOP&T to discuss the issues raised in the Charter of Demands by the Staff Side.
3)DA order for GDS. Click here to see the details.
GDS all India conference's photo 
15th AIC of NUGDS  was held at Parajapathi lodge Kharagpur West Bengal  from 01/10/2015 to 3/10/15 .
On 02/10/2015 before open session leaders & General secretaries pay the respect to Our father of the Nation &martyrs. The open session was presided by the Chairmen Reception committee Shri Debasis Chowdhury, Hon Member of the Parliament Subhendru adhikari   ingrate the 15th AIC of NUGDS . S/Shri  D.Thegarajan,P.U.Muralidharan , D.kishan rao ,B.Shivakumar & shivaji addressed the open session.
On 03/10/2015 Shri P.U Murlidharan placed Activities report and B.S.Venu placed Finance report both were adopted by the  house. More than 40 representatives addressed the Delegate session.
In the conference S/Shri CH Lakshmi Naryanan, P.U. Muralidharan & B.S.Venu were elected as President, General Secretary Finance Secretary respectively.
Shri Rjat s.das  Secretary Reception committee & his team made an excellent arrangements for Lodging & Boarding within a short period. FNPO wishes all the office  new bearers of  NUGDS for the success in their  endeavors

Seventh Pay Commission will be mindful of fiscal concerns: Finance ministryClick here to see the details.



Original Application No. 694 of 2013

Jabalpur, this Tuesday, the 19th day of May, 2015


K. L. Phoolmali, S/o late Umarao Phoolmali,
DOB 07.1.1952, R/o JM-70, KIshore Nagar,
Meera Kishan Kunj, District Khandwa – 450001 (MP)                                    - Applicant

(By Advocate - Shri Vijay Tripathi)
V e r s u s
1. Union of India through its Secretary
Ministry of Communication & IT, Department of Posts,
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi – 110001.

2. Chief Postmaster Master General, Madhya Pradesh Circle,
Hoshangabad Road, Bhopal – 462012 (MP)

4. Senior Superintendent of Post Offices,
Khandwa Division, Khandwa (MP) 450001                                                     - Respondents

(By Advocate – Shri Amjad Ahmed, Proxy counsel of Shri A. T. Faridee)
(Date of reserving order : 14.05.2015)


The applicant has preferred this Original Application for the following reliefs:

“8(i) Summon the entire relevant record from the possession of respondents for its kind perusal;
8(ii) Upon holding that reducing the basic pay of the applicant as Rs.19960/- is bad in law, command the respondents to calculate all retiral dues and pension of the applicant on the basis of the last basic of Rs. 20,410/-
8(iii) Direct the respondents to revise the pension, DCRG, leave encashment, commuted value of pension and pay arrears of the aforesaid amount with 18% interest p.a.;
8(iv) Direct the respondent to repay the amount of DCRG of Rs.43,790/- to the applicant with 18% interest;
8(v) Any other order/orders, direction/directions may also be passed.
8(vi) Award cost of the litigation to the applicant.
8(vii) Set aside the order dated 30.10.2012 (Annexure A/1), order dated 6.8.2012 (Annexure A/2) and order dated 4.4.2012 (Annexure R/7) with all consequential benefits.”

2.         The learned counsel for applicant submitted that at the time of retirement, applicant was holding the post of Deputy Post Master, Khandwa Head Office in the Pay Band of Rs.9300-34800/- + Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- and his basic pay was Rs.20,410/-. However, while paying him retiral dues, the basic pay has been reduced from 20,410/- to 19,960/-. Further, Rs.43,790/- has been deducted from his DCRG, without assigning any reason. The applicant was inducted in the cadre of HSG (II) in the pay scale of Rs.5000-8000 and posted as Deputy Post Master at Itarsi Head Office. Thereafter, vide the order dated 12.1.2005, the applicant was sent on deputation to work as Sub Post Master, Harda in the cadre of HSG (I) and he was given the pay scale of Rs.6500-10500/-. Appointment of applicant in the cadre of HSG (I) was approved by the Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) and orders were issued on 18.8.2005 (Annexure A-3). Thus, there is no justification for reduction of pay of the applicant for retiral benefits and deduction of Rs.43,790/- from DCRG.

3.         The respondents, in their reply, have submitted that the applicant was promoted to HSG (I) grade vide the order dated 18.8.2005, Before that, vide the order dated 12.1.2005, he was posted on HSG (I) grade post of Sub Post Master, Harda Head Post Office by Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Hoshangabad. Since the applicant was working at that time with the office of Sr. Superintendent Post Offices, Hoshangabad, there was no ground for posting him on deputation basis in one of its offices. Thus, applicant was not entitled to the pay of HSG (I) grade on this posting at Harda as he was still in HSG (II) grade. In any case, applicant was promoted to HSG (II) grade on 29.10.2004 and had qualifying service of only two months as on 1.1.2005 in that grade, he could not have been promoted to HSG (I) grade so early as the qualifying service of three years was required for such promotion. Therefore, when his pension case was prepared, there was objection in regard to his pay fixation on 17.1.2005 in HSG (I) grade when he joined at Harda in compliance of order dated 12.1.2005 of SSPO Hoshangabad. Therefore, applicant’s pay was accordingly refixed and he was grated HSG(I) grade w.e.f. 23.08.2005 when he was actually promoted to that grade. Thus, due to correction of his pay fixation w.e.f 17.1.2005, his basic pay at the time of retirement was changed and applicant has been paid retiral benefits accordingly. Further, excess salary paid to him during this period has been recovered from the DCRG. Thus, the OA, being without any merit, deserves to be dismissed.

4.         Heard the learned counsel for the parties and perused the pleadings of the respective parties and documents annexed therewith. I have also gone throught the writtern arguments filled by learned counsel for the respondents.

5.         It is undisputed that the applicant was promoted to HSG (I) grade vide the order dated 18.8.2005 (Annexure A-3). Before that, he claims to be posted on deputation basis on a post of HSG (I) grade. However, the order dated 12.1.2005 (Annexure R-1) by which he was posted as Sub Post Master, Harda was issued by Sr. Superintendent of Post Offices, Hoshangabad and since the applicant was already working in his jurisdiction, this posting could not be considered as on deputation. In-fact, this is simply a posting order on vacant post of Sub Post Master, Harda on which the applicant was posted on his own cost for which he may have requested at that time. Thus, applicant was not entitled to get the pay scale of HSG (I) grade w.e.f. 17.1.2005 on the basis of order dated 12.01.2005 (Annexure R-1). Therefore, respondents are not at fault in re-fixing his pay, by treating him promoted to HSG (I) grade w.e.f. 23.08.2005. In view of this correction, basic pay of applicant has been revised and applicant has been paid all the retiral benefits based on this pay. Thus, the respondents cannot be faulted in granting retiral benefits to the applicant based on his revised basic pay of Rs.19,960/- in place of Rs.20,410/-, and no interference with the orders of respondents in this matter, is justified, Therefore, the prayer of the applicant in this regard is rejected.

6.         So far as deduction of Rs.43,790/- from the DCRG of the applicant is concerned, this amount has been deducted without issuance of any show-cause notice to the applicant. Relying on the judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court in the matters of State of Punjab and others etc v. Rafiq Masih (White Washer) etc., Civil Appeal No. 11527 of 2014, learned counsel for the applicant submitted that in view of the law laid down by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in that order, no recovery of excess payment can be made from retired employees or employee who are due to retire within one year of the order of recovery. Since recovery of excess salary has been done after retirement of applicant, such recovery is not in accordance with law. Therefore, the respondents are directed to refund Rs.43,790/- deducted from DCRG of the applicant, within a period of 60 days from the date of communication of this order. However, no interest shall be payable on that amount.

7.         Thus, the O.A is partly allowed. No order on costs.

(G. P. Singhal)
Administrative Member

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Mysuru postal division in Karnataka gets integrated system for services

Customers will get delivery status of their posts or parcels on their mobile phones or can track status online.— PHOTO: M.A. SRIRAM


Mysuru is all set to become the first postal division in the country to adopt a common system for various postal services, integrating all software solutions introduced under a core banking network.

From Thursday, customers need not wait at a particular counter for a particular service, as every counter will be able to provide all the services available at the post office.

A team of professionals from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on Wednesday took up the task of integrating the solutions into a common system. Postal services across the division, covering 65 post offices and 202 branches, remained suspended to facilitate the work.

The team, with the support from the Department of Posts, spent over six months to accomplish the task.

Shivaiah, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Mysuru division told The Hindu that Mysuru was selected for the pilot project considering previous ‘models’ successfully introduced here, for improving customer service.

“The integration work is underway and the common system will be ready for operations from Thursday. With this, Mysuru division will become the first postal division in the country to introduce this improved service,” he said.

Barring Nanjangud and T. Narsipur (which are part of Chamarajnagar postal division), the remaining taluks in the district – Mysuru city, Mysuru taluk, K R Nagar, H D Kote, Periyapatna, and Hunsur – come under Mysuru division.

Mr. Shivaiah said software had been developed for various services such as postal life insurance, postal savings account, recurring deposits and so on. Recently, core banking system had been introduced for the convenience of customers.

The officer said customers sometimes had to wait for their turn to avail services at a particular counter even though the next counter was free. However, with the integration of various software solutions and bringing them under a unified system, customers can avail any postal service from any counter, he explained.

Importantly, customers will get delivery status of their posts or parcels on their mobile phones or can track status online. All data will be stored at the central server in Mumbai.

After the integration of software solutions, the company professionals would provide post-implementation service, assisting the employees to trouble shoot any problem, Mr. Shivaiah added.

Mysuru division can become a model for other postal divisions across the country for replicating the common customer service system in the coming months.

Mysuru division will become the first postal division in the country to introduce this improved service.