Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Cadre Review Proposal

Reservation of Seats For Women

Minister of Law & Justice, Shri Salman Khurshid has said that political empowerment of women is a powerful and indispensable tool for eliminating gender inequality and discrimination. With a view to achieving the said purpose, a Bill, namely, the Constitution (One Hundred and Eighth Amendment) Bill, 2008 providing for reservation for women in as nearly as one-third of the total seats of the House of the People and of the State Legislative Assemblies, including the Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, for a period of 15 years was introduced in the Rajya Sabha on 6th May, 2008. Giving this information in written reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha recently, Shri Khurshid said that the Rajya Sabha passed the Bill on 9th March 2010. Now, the Bill is to be passed by the Lok Sabha and is also required to be ratified by the Legislatures of not less than one-half of the States

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Minutes of the meeting dated 21.05.2012 taken by Secretary (Posts) with Postal Joint Council of Action (PJCA) .

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Tunisian Workers support Egypt postal workers strike
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Global delivery unionists talk tactics at UK event
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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Meeting of Cadre Restructuring Committee will be held on 29.05.2012. Our General Secretary, D.KISHAN RAO is attending

Meeting of Cadre Restructuring Committee will be held on 29.05.2012. Our General Secretary, SRI D.KISHAN RAO & S.G[FNPO] G.S PM & MTS is attending

Click here to view Order No. 1/4/2010-SR Dt. 21.05.2012

List of selected officers in DPC for promotion to JTS Gr. A cadre.

Postal Directorate vide Memo No.  4-5 / 2011 – SPG Dt. 25.05.12 has issued orders for promotion to JTS Gr. A cadre on regular basis. 
01. L.K.Gangadharan, Kerala to Postal Dte.
02. R.B.Kadam, Maharashtra to Maharashtra.
03. B.Halim Khan, Chattisgarh to Chattisgarh.
04. T.Ram Babu, Andhra to Andhra.
05. J.S Patil, Maharashtra to Maharashtra.
06. S.K.Gupta, MP to MP.
07. B.Tripati, Dte to Dte.
08. P.M.Vasudevan, Kerala to Kerala.
09. T.K.Chakraborthi, WB to WB.
10. Bipin Chandra Singh, Bihar to Bihar.
11. N.T.Gange, Karnataka to Karnataka.
12. G.Eswarappa, Karnataka to Karnataka.
13. T.Kalyan Rao, Karnataka to Karnataka.
14. A.A.Zoal, Maharashtra to Maharashtra.
15. Radhe Shyam Sharma, Rajasthan to Rajasthan.
16. Shyam Pande, Bihar to Bihar.
17. K.Vara Prasad Rao, Maharashtra to Maharashtra.
18. R.B.Nigam, Punjab to Punjab.
19. Manik Das, Assam to Assam.
20. Kuldeep Singh Rana, APS to APS.
21. Nagesh H Manavi, Karnataka to Karnataka.
22. Trilok Ram Arya, Uttarkhand to Dte.
23. Jeth Mal Jingor, Rajasthan to Dte.
24. D.Shivaiah, PTC, Mysore to Dte.
25. Hari Pada Jora, WB to WB.
26. M.Chandrasekara Reddy, Andhra to Andhra.
27. V.S.Mani, TN to TN.
We Congraulate to all the officers.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Transfer Traveling Allowance (Transfer TA) is applicable to Central Government Employees who are under the orders of Transfer. The following grants and reimbursement of charges paid by employee for shifting his/her residence to the new place of posting are payable to the employee.

Transfer T .A. comprises of the following elements: -

·         a composite transfer grant equal to one month’s basic pay;
·         actual fares for self and family for journey by rail/steamer/air;
·         road mileage for journey by road between places not connected by rail;
·         cost of transportation of personal effects from residence to residence; and
·         cost of transportation of conveyance possessed by the employee.
In addition to the above, the employee will be entitled for an additional fare by the entitled class for self for both onward and return journeys, if he has to leave his family behind due to non-availability of Government accommodation at the new place of posting.
An employee whose family does not accompany him to the new station while joining on transfer, has an option to claim for him
either  for the first journey undertaken to join the new post
or  for the journey subsequently undertaken along with family members.

At the Same Station-

No T.A. if no change of residence is involved.
If there is compulsory change of residence solely due to the transfer
(a)  Actual cost of conveyance for self and family limited to the road mileage and actual cost of transportation of personal effects admissible subject to the prescribed limits and
(b)  Composite Transfer Grant equal to one-third of basic pay.
Between two stations within a short distance not more than 20 km: -
No T.A. if no change of residence is involved
If change of residence is involved-
Full Transfer T .A. will be allowed and Composite transfer grant equal to one-third of basic pay.

Transfer TA- Travel entitlement:

Grade Pay
Travel Entitlements
Officers drawing grade pay of Rs.10,000/- and above and those in pay scale of HAG + and above
Business / Club Class by air / AC First class by train
Officers drawing grade pay of Rs.7,600 and Rs.8,900
Economy Class by air / AC First class by train
Officers drawing grade pay of Rs.5,400 and Rs.6,600
Economy Class by air / AC II Tier class by train
Officers drawing grade pay of Rs.4,200, Rs.4,600 and Rs.4,800
AC II Tier class by train
Officers drawing grade pay below Rs.4,200
First class / AC IIi Tier / AC Chair car by train

Mileage Allowance for Journeys by Road:

In supersession of S.R.46 and the Government of India’s order thereunder, the grade pay ranges for travel by public/bus/auto/rickshaw/scooter/motor cycle, full taxi/taxi/own car is revised as indicated below:
Grade Pay
(i) Officers drawing grade pay of Rs 10,000 and above and those in pay scales of HAG+ and above.
Actual fare by any type of public bus including air-conditioned bus;
At prescribed rates of AC Taxi when the journey is actually performed by AC Taxi;
At prescribed rates for auto rickshaw for journeys by auto rickshaw, own scooter, motor cycle, moped etc.
(ii) Officers drawing grade pay of Rs. 5400, Rs. 6600, Rs. 7600, Rs. 8700 and Rs. 8900
Same as at (i) above with the exception that journeys by AC taxi will not be permissible
(iii) Officers drawing grade pay of Rs. 4200, Rs. 4600 and Rs. 4800
Same as at (ii) above.
(iv) Officers drawing grade pay of Rs 2400 and above but less than Rs. 4200.
Actual fare by any type of public bus other than air-conditioned bus;
At prescribed rates for auto rickshaw for journeys by auto rickshaw/own scooter/motorcycle/moped etc.
(v) Officers drawing grade pay below Rs. 2400.
Actual tare by ordinary public bus only;
At prescribed rates for auto rickshaw/own scooter/motorcycle/ moped etc.
(b) Mileage allowance for road journeys shall be regulated at the following rates in places where no specific rates have been prescribed either by the Director of Transport of the concerned State or of the neighboring States:
(i) For journeys performed in own car/taxi: Rs. 16 per km.
(ii) For journeys performed by auto rickshaw own scooter, etc.: Rs. 8 per km.

Transfer Grant and Packing Allowance:

 (i) The Composite Transfer Grant shall be equal to one month’s pay as defined in para 3 of this O.M. in case of transfer involving a change of station located at a distance of or more than 20 km from each other.
 (ii) In cases of transfer to stations which are at a distance of less than 20 kms from the old station and of transfer within the same city, one third of the composite transfer grant will be admissible, provided a change of residence is actually involved.
 (iii) At present, only one transfer grant is permitted if the transfer of husband and wife takes place within 6 months of each other from the same place to the same place. With effect from the date of implementation of these orders, in cases where the transfer take place within six months, but after 60 days of the transfer of the spouse, fifty percent of the transfer grant on transfer shall be allowed to the spouse transferred later. No transfer grant shall be admissible to the spouse transferred later in case both the transfers are ordered within 60 days. The existing provisions shall continue to be applicable in case of transfers after a period or six months or more. Other rules precluding transfer grant in case of transfer at own request or transfer other than in public interest, shall continue to apply unchanged in their case.

 Transportation of Personal Effects:

Grade pay
By Train/steamer
Rate per km – for transport by road
(Rs. per km)
Z class cities
X&Y Class cities
Officers drawing grade pay of Rs. 7600 and above and those in pay scale HAG+ and above
6000 kgs. by goods train/4 wheeler wagon/1 double container
(Rs. 0.003 per kg. per km.)
(Rs. 0.005 per kg per Km)
Officers drawing grade pay of Rs. 4200, Rs. 4600, Rs. 4800, Rs. 5400 and Rs. 6600
6000 kgs. by goods Train/4 wheelerwagon/1 single container
(Rs. 0.003 per kg. per km.)
(Rs. 0.005 per kg per Km)
Officers drawing grade pay of Rs. 2800
3000 kgs.
(Rs.0.003 per kg. per km.)
(Rs. 0.005 per kg per Km)
Officers drawing grade pay below Rs. 2800
1500 kgs.
(Rs.0.0031 per kg. per km.)
7.50 (Rs. 0.005 per kg per Km)
The rates for transporting the entitled weight by Steamer will be equal to the prevailing rates prescribed by such transport in ships operated by Shipping Corporation of India.

 Transportation of Conveyance:

Grade Pay(1)
Officers drawing grade pay of Rs. 4200 and above and those in pay scales of HAG+ and above
One motor car etc or one motor cycle/scooter, or one horse
Officers drawing grade pay less than Rs. 4200
One motorcycle/scooter/Moped or one bicycle.

 Definition of family: -Family includes-

Spouse residing with the employee. (Need not be dependent). Only one wife is included in the term ‘family’. In the case of wife/husband, the necessary condition is-’residing with’. Other members of the family should satisfy both conditions-’residing with’ and ‘wholly dependent’.
Legitimate children and stepchildren, residing with and wholly de- pendent. Children include major sons, legally adopted children and widowed daughters, residing with and wholly dependent. Restricted to two children with effect from 1st January 1999. However, this restriction does not apply to existing employees with more than two children including those born up to 31-12-1998. Does not apply also to employees with no/one child on 31-12-1998 but next confinement resulting in multiple births thereby increasing the number to more than two.
Children studying in educational institutions away from their parents at the time of transfer but joining their parents at the time of vacation are treated as members of family subject to other conditions for drawal of T.A.
Married daughter, if divorced, abandoned or separated from her husband and residing with and financially dependent on the parent.
Parents, stepmother, unmarried sisters and minor brothers residing with and wholly dependent. (Major brothers are not included).
Widowed sisters residing with and wholly dependent (provided their father is either not alive or is himself wholly dependent on the employee)
Definition of dependent: - Any family member whose income from all sources, including pension (inclusive of pension equivalent of DCRG, but excluding Dearness Relief) does not exceed Rs. 3,500 p.m., is deemed to be wholly dependent on the employee. Children getting stipend, scholarship, etc., in excess of Rs. 3,500 p.m. are not considered as dependents.
The following Office Memorandums are referred for this summary on Transfer TA


Government of India 
Ministry of Finance 
(Department of Economic affairs)

New Delhi, the 22nd May, 2012


                        It is announced for general information that during the year 2012-2013, accumulations at the credit of subscribers to the General Provident Fund and other similar funds shall carry interest at the rate of 8.8% (Eight point eight per cent) per annum. This rates will be in force during the financial year beginning on 1.4.2012.

The funds concerned are :-

1. The General Provident Fund (Central Services).
2. The Contributory Provident Fund (India).
3. The All India Services Provident Fund.
4. The State Railway Provident Fund.
5. The General Provident Fund (Defence Services).
6. The Indian Ordnance Department Provident Fund.
7. The Indian Ordnance Factories Workmen’s Provident Fund.
8. The Indian Naval Dockyard Workmen’s Provident Fund.
9. The Defence Services Officers Provident Fund.
10. The Armed Forces Personnel Provident Fund.

2. Ordered that the Resolution be published in Gazette of India.
(Brajendra Navnit)
Deputy Secretary (Budget)